A 6pp gatefold DL leaflet for Footprints of London

Footprints of London is a company of tour guides leading walks in the London area.
FpoL's Literary Festival takes place during the month of October with at least one walk available every day on a subject linked to writing, books or authors.
A fellow guide (for I am a Clerkenwell and Islington guide myself) asked if I'd design something for them. There was a lot of information to squeeze in and the final printed product shown below bears scant resemblance to my first draft, the problem being that elements kept changing or being added to and graphic devices such as the quill and river were supplied mid-project. Nevertheless I waved my magic designer's wand and found a way to make all the disparate elements work in harmony. The calendar is colour coded with morning, afternoon and evening walks. 

Now I need to set do the design and artwork for my own guided walks...