2020-21 – two tough years

It's been ridiculously quiet on the graphic design front due to Covid-19. Prior to lockdown and the problems associated with the pandemic, a lot of my jobs were updates and progressions of projects already shown here, such a catalogues, ads, brochures etc. This shows that clients stay with me because I understand their requirements. But unfortunately most of those clients downsized their print requirements considerably and focused instead on online advertising that they managed themselves through social media and other channels. 

Prior to the pandemic, I was working on various projects including revamps and tweaks of old projects, new product launches and a lot of things I can't show here, such as work for private customers who do not want their commssions in the public domain. It's a big shame that I can't show you some samples here because it's small projects such as these that produce some of the most inventive results, with flap down pages, pull-out maps, unusual page layouts and interesting typography.

One company I have occasionally assisted is Richard Allan London. Richard's marvellous 1960s silk scarfs/scarves* archive has been relaunched for today's market by his daughter Cate. The gorgeous patterns are availanble to be worn or as framed art prints. Cate has also made integrations with well-known companies, magazines and High Street brands such as H&M. It's been a delight to help out with this.

With so much free time I applied myself to my private projects. I started researching and writing about two sites in Islington with the idea to produce some books. This is still a work in progress and I am hoping to return to it Winter 21/22. 

And I created promo and leaflets for my own guided walks (see below) and for the walking associations I am involved with (see below) including this eye-catching London promo

*it turns out that both are correct!