Epsilon poster, flyer and 2-production programme

Epsilon Productions puts on small, award-winning thought-provoking plays.
With two productions coming up one after the other, my initial brief was to create the poster and flyer for Chicken Shop using Park Theatre's standard templates but to make them look different from the already-created Crystal Springs print.
Part two of the brief was to design and produce an A5 20pp programme that would cover both shows with two front covers and a common centre.
I introduced a dirty pale blue to Chicken Shop poster that worked well with the poster image supplied. The blue and black theme then contrasted well with the reds and beiges of Crystal Springs and helped to delineate the two halves of the programme.
All other elements within the programme also needed design input; ads, general info, blurbs etc.
It was a bit of a jig-saw, but we got there!