Designs for CoreFiling teaser ads

CoreFiling wanted to create a series of ad pairs featuring photographic images that illustrated their products. The ads were booked to appear on subsequent right hand pages, whereby the first ad intrigues and the second ad on the following spread clarifies the solution and the specific product on offer. Ads needed a coherent design that identified them as part of the CoreFiling brand, yet to be distinct as a product.
My initial designs are shown in columns 1 and 2 above. After a lot of picture library research, I found a family of images that illustrated the problems and solutions. It wasn't easy! Then, I applied a palette of six distinct colours. I was keen to hold onto a repeated element on each ad, hence the graduated and black panels.
After discussion with the client, a second set of designs was created, as shown in 3rd and 4th columns. The client wrote larger stronger messages which I aligned across the ads linked by leader dots. And the colours were made stronger.
At a later stage the colours chosen for each product changed again and the approved final magazine ads feature solid colour panels on the right hand side. I also designed and created scalable vector icons in two sizes. See here for the subsequent designs.