Business Cards

Below is a collection of some of the business cards I have designed and produced in the last few years.
Let's face it, most business cards are just glimpsed at for a few seconds and then left in a darkened place for years. So I think they should be intriguing enough to provoke a immediate response.
Hence, I like to keep my designs clear and simple as I believe it's the information that is the most important element here, rather than over-designed versions where the vital information is lost, cramped, or way too small/light.
My designs feature text in a legible point size surrounded by a fair bit of white/light space for those extra inked-on scribbles, and I like to use photographs or graphic devices on the image side wherever possible. For instance, my own cards (both my personal one and the revised design for Amelia Parker clay pipe jewellery) feature my own shots of clay pipes – these images always get a good reaction.
Another clever design device for the picture side of the card is to zoom in on an element of an image, or the logo itself, which then becomes clearer on the information side.