Royal Mail Group, print items for the Chairman's Excellence Awards

Every year The Royal Mail Group invites its staff to nominate a fellow employee for an award. The 2008 event was designed to look like a house with, for instance, themed wallpaper and carpet, a really large front door and over-sized electrical sockets.
Shown here are my initial designs for the various print items which continued the same idea – the posters featured everyday treats and rewards; the nomination form had a door on the front; the invitation had keys; the ticket had a welcome mat; the event programme featured things such as a reminder post-it on the fridge, a branded tablecloth with plates and menu, a coat stand on the prizes page, lights and lampshades for the nominees (luminaries!), and dining chairs for the judges.
Sadly, for me, a lot of these ideas were watered down by the time the job was finally artworked. The client was keen on the brown and gold stars image on the front of the programme and wanted this to be repeated wherever possible, in particular the posters, the nomination form and the ticket.
Re the internal pages of the programme, only the fridge and and the plates made it through to the final cut. I still say they could have used children's fridge magnet letters for the A-Z nominations. Ah well, what do I know?!