American Express exhibition timeline panels

I designed and created the arwork for lots of these large (1.2m high) panels for various Amex events worldwide. They illustrate Amex's history and achievements since 1850. Once a basic template was designed, the trick was to always vary the layouts as, despite them always appearing in chronological order, not always all of them were used. So I had to be aware that two boards might end up sitting side-by-side and should not look too similar. Images also had to be given different treatments for the same reason.

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simon newbound said...

My Dear Jane I have spent some time admiring your work, you have a wonderful talent for keeping things fresh, eye catching and inspiring. You are indeed the master of your art.

Merry Christmas to you and all the best for the New Year. With a bit of luck I shall be participating on a new world record.

Take care my friend

BMW Endurance Guinness Champion of the World