Order your own business cards

Why buy those silly little 'price tags' or disappointingly thin, muddy-coloured cards from impersonal on-line companies* when you can get a real designer (me!) to create something special for you?

For more or less the same price I can design a bespoke business card for you – and you'll get so much more for your money...
  • Business card design and artwork £60. (One card; 1-sided or 2-sided plus optional print and delivery.)
  • Using my skills as a designer, typographer and artworker, I will produce a bespoke business card for you (standard credit card size 85x54mm) designed to your specification based on the simple options shown below. 
  • I will fine-tune the layout to best enhance your company information and I apply my design eye and typographic skills to ensure that the elements are well-balanced.
  • I will, at no extra charge, proof read your supplied text and, if necessary, suggest amendments for clarity and ease of legibility
  • I will check and, if necessary, convert your logo and image files ready for artwork within the specified price. 
  • I can also handle the print and delivery for you – your approved artwork can be supplied direct to you from the printer on good quality pure white stiff silk card. 
Some samples based on this 'template' service

For more inspiration, click here for other business cards.


(1) Choose a LAYOUT and specify 1-sided or 2-sided. 
Basic layouts are adaptable and shown below in black and white. 
Elements are moveable within reason. 
Any areas can be filled with colour or images as you so desire – see examples above.

(2) Choose the TYPEFACE you would like to use. 
Ten typefaces have been selected for their legibility clarity  – they have been specifically chosen because they are clean and easy to read, especially regarding the cut of the figures/numbers. 

Other weights and cuts (bold/italic etc) are available within each typeface family. 
You may wish to have your name and/or company in a contrasting typeface to the information – if you are unsure, I can help you choose the best pairings. 
If you wish to use your own house fonts, please supply them with your order – please refer to note about Supplying Text near the foot of this page in blue.

(3) Supply your LOGO (if necessary)  
Important – please see the spec for logos at the foot of this page in red.
Alternatively, your name/company can be displayed in one of the typefaces shown above – other fonts are available within each of them (bold/italic etc) – I can help you with this. 

(4) Choose the COLOUR(S) for text and/or background areas
A simple palette of colours is shown below. However, if you already have a house colour, please specify the CMYK breakdown when ordering. Colour can be applied to any areas, however there may be restrictions regarding the logo and/or its background – see (3) above.

(5) If required, choose an image from the library...

...or supply your own image
Minimum size 1200 pixels x 800 pixels. Please note, if your supplied image is not fit for purpose extra charges will be incurred – see ADDITIONAL CHARGES in grey near the foot of this page.

(6) Send your order to jane@janeslondon.com  
Please copy and paste the purple ORDER FORM, below, into an email and amend as necessary including all other relevant elements and attachments. 
Please note, your job cannot be started unless all required elements and information are supplied at the outset. 
Once received, your order will be assessed and acknowledged. 
If elements are missing they will be requested. 
See ADDITIONAL CHARGES in grey near the foot of this page.

(7) Design process
Once all elements are received, design will commence. 
A low res pdf will be emailed to you for approval within 2 working days (excluding weekends), accompanied by an invoice with instructions for payment by bank transfer. 
Payment must be cleared before the design can be completed. 
Price includes one set of amendments (text/copy correction and/or adjustment to layout).
Additional fees apply to any subsequent amendments or complicated changes (see ADDITIONAL CHARGES in grey below) and these must also be paid before final artwork can be sent to you and the printer, see (9).  
Gloss finishes and spot varnishes to specific areas of the design are available – please enquire as these will also incur extra charges.

(8) Files created for print 
Print management – I will source the best print company for your job and come back to you with competitive quotes.
If you wish to use your own printer please indicate the amount of excess bleed that needs to be included around the sides of the high resolution file (see Order Form below).
Each side of your final business card will be supplied to you as a high resolution print-ready 300dpi CMYK file, accompanied by one trimmed low resolution 72dpi RGB file for your reference and web use etc. 




Please copy and paste the purple text below into an email and amend/delete as necessary.

Send to jane@janeslondon.com including all necessary attachments.

Design brief
  • 1-sided / 2-sided 
  • Layout: A 
  • Typeface: 1
  • Logo supplied: Yes/No (min 1200x800 pixels – please attach to this email)
  • Text colour: Black (or specify your house colour as CMYK – if you are unsure, please supply jpg reference)
  • Background colour: Black (or specify your house colour as CMYK. If two colours required please clarify)
  • Image: Image name
  • Text/copy supplied Yes/No 
  • Please insert your business card text here (Line breaks punctuation etc, exactly as you wish to see on the end result

For invoicing purposes
  • Your full name and address details for billing (and print delivery, if required)
  • Contact telephone number 
Please note, your job cannot be started until all necessary elements and information are supplied at the outset. 

Print handling
    • Yes/No (if Yes, please amend/delete the next two sections as necessary; if No, please insert your printer's bleed requirements and delete the next two sections)

    Card quantities
    • x100 / x250 / x500 / x1000 

    Delivery timeframe (after design and artwork is approved)
    • 8–9 days / 5–6 days / 3 days 



    Logo files – IMPORTANT!
    • Please note, when supplying your logo that not all file types can be placed onto 4-colour images or coloured backgrounds. 
    • If this is required then please supply an outlined scalable vector file. 
    • Alternatively, jpegs are accepted, minimum 1000 pixels wide, but, depending on the file, it may only be possible to place them on a white background or the colour of the background they are supplied on – designs may have to be adjusted accordingly.
    • If logos are not supplied to the specifications above, or are not suitable for use, extra time/charges may be incurred (see below in grey)

    Supplying text
    • Double-check your copy is error-free and ready for import into your chosen design. 
    • Please supply with the correct line breaks, word spaces and punctuation as you wish to see on the card.
    • One set of text amendments is included in the price but additional fees will apply to further changes (see Additional Charges below).

    I pride myself on a friendly and helpful service, but the following things need to be clarified ... 
    • Extra amendments (after the first changes) will be charged at £30.00 per hour (min charge 1 hour).
    • Similarly, lengthy to-ing and fro-ing involving requests for missing elements etc, may incur extra charges, so please be sure to supply all the necessary items for your job at the outset when you place your order. 
    • Problems with logo and image files – minor tweaks and re-formatting are included in the quoted price. But if your logo is basically unfit for purpose, or needs to be redrawn in any way, extra fees will be incurred and charged at £30.00 per hour (min charge 1 hour).
    • Bespoke logo creation and design – If you need a new logo drawn/created from scratch, then please do get in touch. Every request is unique so please ask for a quote.
    • High gloss and partial gloss coatings – price on application.

    *BUYER BWARE!!  The business cards created and ordered through the online giants may, at first glance, seem cheap, but those companies have cut corners regarding size and paper quality in order to make a huge profit at their end. Ask yourself how a company producing little bits of printed paper can afford to advertise on prime time TV...?!  

    It's because their cards are created (rather than designed) by the customer using embedded web programmes that have no facility to adjust or tweak the things that can really make or break the visual balance of a design such as positioning, linefeed and letter-spacing. Plus, the end result often disappoints because they are printed onto poor quality, often porous, off-white, thick paper, rather than the correct weight of pure white art card. 
    Size also matters – those skinny little cards many people are impressed by are about 40% standard credit card size and so take up less paper in the planning stages. They get lost in people's wallets. The 'lure' of lots of different pictures on the reverse also pumps up the print cost – is it really necessary to offer your clients a choice of image, like a bag of sweets? Surely it's better, and more professional, to have a solid brand identity and stick to it.
    And, more often than not, the price quoted is to print a short run. It does not include delivery which varies considerably depending on when you need your cards to arrive. 
    Nobody heard of these companies pre-internet. But they are very clever... You do the all the work, either loading up your own artwork or overwriting their templates, and their machines print your order along with 100s of others at the same time. There is very rarely any human interaction at all. Any mistake will be yours. Quality control is not part of the deal.